A Lifelong Passion for Woodworking

I picked up woodworking as a hobby during high school. I enjoyed experimenting with rustic log furniture, cutting boards, wall art, and tables. Combining my engineering mindset, eye for design, and artistic flair, I quickly realized I had a talent and embarked on a journey to make custom furniture. I formally founded Del Turco Woodworks in 2022

Wood possesses a unique beauty and vitality unmatched by other materials. All my work is inspired by the natural variation and beauty of the ordinary trees that surround us. I often incorporate live edge slabs, resin, and metal into my designs to really elevate the look and feel of each project. Taking raw material and turning it into an original piece is incredibly rewarding.

I believe in the importance of utilizing everything the natural world gives us. It’s why my wood is often sourced from local tree services—wood that would otherwise be used for firewood or chipped and dumped. The sight of valuable materials going to waste pains me, as I know I can transform them into something both beautiful and functional.

I value each chance to transform raw materials and cherish the opportunity to introduce the finished pieces into someone's home.