Bird-Pecked Ash Console Table

Dimensions: 12-14" deep x 48" long x 30" tall

Sitting on metal trapezoid legs, this console table highlights an incredible live edge slab of bird-pecked ash- an incredibly rare material cut on my sawmill. This particular ash tree was likely pecked at by yellow-bellied sapsuckers for many years, resulting in the numerous bark-inclusions throughout the wood, the wavy grain, and the scraggly live edge. You can still see the holes pecked by the birds in the live edge! This material is extremely rare- I have not been able to find anything like it online or elsewhere.

Delivery is available for these pieces within 50 miles of Livingston, NJ. If you’re outside of that radius, don’t worry! Contact me and I’ll see if I have options for your area. Customers can always pick up the pieces at my shop in Livingston, NJ for no added charge.