The Best Live Edge Furniture in Maplewood, NJ

Live edge furniture is a luxurious centerpiece that can treat you and your living room. Bring the lining and patterns of nature itself to add the beautiful detail that can elevate the interior and the atmosphere of your home. Del Turco Woodworks is a new and innovative furniture workshop founded by Doug Del Turco in 2022: combining traditional woodwork with a modern touch.

Located in Livington, New Jersey, Doug Del Turco uses local lumber and transforms it into customized, unique furniture pieces. Del Turco’s long-life passion in wood crafting led him to be an expert in crafting the best live edge furniture around the area.

Is Live Edge Still in Style?

Live edge has been and will continue to be in style due to the naturalistic and timeless features. It can fit in with any style of home decoration as it brings a design effect that permeates without resistance. Traditional, rustic, modern, and beyond – whatever style you desire, it will blend in with the rest of the interior without the clashing of unique styles.

Another consideration to take is the trend of eco-friendly consumption, including furniture. More people are opting for environmentally friendly materials and long-lasting furniture. Live edge furniture is perfect for this cause as it consists of trees and the materials from Del Turco Woodworks are all locally sourced, contributing to less carbon omission. Our experienced craftsmen can build sturdy, well-functioning live edge furniture.

Although live edge has a more vintage and plainer vibe to it, many people are fascinated by the natural beauty of a whole tree, feeling the tree’s energy flowing into their home. The popularity and demand for live edge furniture has skyrocketed throughout the years and is trending on social media platforms. If the trend fades over the years, there is no need for concern – it is likely to make a comeback in just a few years!

What is the Best Tree for a Live Edge Table?

A variety of trees are used to create a customized live edge table. These are the trees we use at Del Turco to make the best live edge table.

  • Walnut: This hardwood is known for its rich, deep brown color, with a slight touch of purple and golden brown, creating warmth and a welcoming feeling to the home. It is exceptionally durable and sturdy which is perfect for long-lasting furniture. Its resistance to humidity makes it a popular option for woodworkers.
  • White Oak: Known for its resilience and light neutral brown color, white oak is perfect for its classical and modern elegance. Its grainy patterns can create a contrast in the furniture design, highly demanding in creating modern minimalist furniture pieces.
  • Cherry: Following its namesake, the reddish-brown color will deepen throughout time, giving extra warmth and luxurious natural beauty to your home. It possesses moderate hardness and satisfying durability, making it another popular option for a live edge table.
  • Maple: With its closed grain structure, maple has its smoothness and fine texture that you cannot miss. The hardness makes it exceptionally resistant to wear and tear over time. The light, creamy hue, frequently adorned with gentle, wavy grain patterns known as ‘curl’ creates uniqueness to this specific hardwood.
  • Hickory: The toughest and most durable hardwood in America, Hickory has a smooth, rustic feature making it look clean and reliable for heavy and frequent use. Its charm makes it the centerpiece of any space.

The No.1 Live Edge Wood Furniture Makers Near Maplewood, NJ

Maplewood, New Jersey, is a township rich in cultural heritage, appealing attractions, and unique features that make it a coveted place for both residents and explorers. Nestled in Essex County, this charming community offers a picturesque setting with its beautifully lined streets, lush greenery, and well-maintained homes that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Maplewood prides itself on its excellent educational institutions, abundant parks and green spaces, and a vibrant downtown area teeming with diverse culinary options, boutique shops, and entertainment venues, making it an ideal locale for families.


The township boasts a storied history dating back to its early settlers, the families of Smith, Brown, Pierson, Freeman, Ball, and Gildersleeve, who established farms and a community that would evolve into the Maplewood we know today. Over the years, Maplewood has grown into a suburban haven with a keen sense of community and a rich cultural tapestry. This is reflected in its myriad of annual events and festivals, such as Maplewoodstock, a music festival that draws visitors in July, and a variety of arts and cultural activities organized by the Division of Arts & Culture, including the Gazebo Summer Concert Series and Maplewood Summer Streets.

The Del Turco Difference: Live Edge Wood Furniture in Maplewood, NJ

Del Turco Woodworks elevates live edge woodworking from a mere offering to a deeply ingrained passion, nurtured by a lifelong dedication to the craft. Discover limitless possibilities with Del Turco Woodworks. Be it an elegant dining table, a tranquil coffee table, or a creatively designed live edge wooden bench, allow your imagination to take flight, and Doug will turn your vision into reality. Bring the splendor of nature right into your home with custom-crafted live edge wood furniture pieces.

Are you eager to enhance your space with the finest live edge tables, benches, and desks available? Reach out to Doug for a personalized consultation and start your quest to incorporate the untouched allure of nature into your surroundings. Call (201) 744-3597 now and witness Doug fashion a live edge wonder that highlights your distinct taste alongside the unparalleled beauty of the natural environment.


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