Live Edge Furniture in Ramsey, NJ

Step into the captivating realm of live edge woodworking, where the appeal of wood is honored and conserved. Established in 2022 by Doug Del Turco, Del Turco Woodworks serves as a sanctuary where craftsmanship intertwines with the natural world. Combining traditional methods with contemporary understandings, our workshop presents a diverse collection of custom live edge furniture in New Jersey, distinguished by its exceptional design and craftsmanship.

Renowned as the premier woodworker in the neighboring Ramsey, Doug is dedicated to sourcing lumber locally, handpicking only the most exquisite live edge slabs that reveal the essence of the earth. Through a meticulous selection process, each piece of furniture—be it a live edge dining table or a natural edge coffee table—highlights the beauty and individuality of the wood, telling its own distinctive story.

How Do You Make a Live Edge Out of Regular Wood?

Creating a live edge from regular wood involves several steps to preserve the natural, raw beauty of the wood while giving it that characteristic organic edge.

  • Select a suitable piece of wood with an intact bark edge or decide to remove the bark for a cleaner look.
  • Following the natural contours of the wood, carefully mark the desired shape of the live edge on the wood using a pencil or marker.
  • Employ a variety of tools such as chainsaws, chisels, or hand saws to carefully sculpt and shape the edge, keeping in mind the desired aesthetic and maintaining the integrity of the wood’s natural features.
  • Once the desired shape is achieved, sand the edges smooth to remove any rough spots or splinters, and finish with a protective sealant or wood finish to enhance the wood’s natural beauty and durability.

Throughout the process, it’s crucial to work slowly and attentively, allowing the unique characteristics of the wood to guide the shaping process. Additionally, patience and precision are key to achieving a visually appealing live edge wood that highlights the inherent beauty of the material. By carefully sculpting and finishing the edge, you can transform a regular piece of wood into a stunning showcase of nature’s artistry. The live edge wood can be incorporated into furniture pieces or decorative accents that celebrate the unique appeal of live edge woodworking.

Do Live Edge Tables Crack?

Live edge tables, like any wood furniture, can be prone to cracking under certain conditions. Cracking in live edge tables typically occurs due to changes in moisture levels and temperature fluctuations, which can cause the wood to expand and contract. While some degree of cracking may be inevitable in natural wood furniture, proper care and maintenance can help minimize the risk. Seasoned woodworkers often take precautions such as properly drying the wood before crafting the table and using techniques like butterfly or bowtie joints to reinforce areas prone to cracking. Additionally, choosing high-quality, well-seasoned wood and ensuring proper environmental conditions, such as maintaining stable humidity levels, can help reduce the likelihood of cracking in live edge tables.

However, despite preventive measures, some cracking may still occur over time, especially in environments with significant humidity variations. Small cracks, known as checks, are often considered a natural part of the wood’s aging process and can add character to the table. To mitigate further cracking, it’s important to avoid placing live edge tables in areas with extreme temperature or humidity fluctuations, such as near heating or cooling vents or in direct sunlight. Consistently applying furniture wax or oil can also help nourish the wood and prevent excessive drying, reducing the risk of cracking. Overall, while live edge tables may experience some degree of cracking over time, proper care and maintenance can help preserve their beauty and longevity for years to come.

The Top Live Edge Wood Furniture Makers Near Ramsey, NJ

Nestled within the picturesque Bergen County, Ramsey, New Jersey, stands as a vibrant testament to small-town charm mingled with rich cultural heritage and a welcoming community spirit. This borough’s allure is not just in its serene landscapes but also in the myriad of cultural, historical, and recreational activities it offers. Ramsey is home to a variety of annual festivals that capture the essence of its community and its commitment to celebrating its unique identity. Among these, the Ramsey Farmers Market, active from June through November, brings together local vendors and artisans, displaying organic produce, gourmet foods, and handcrafted goods. Ramsey Day in September and Winter Wonderland in December are other noteworthy events, each festooned with food stalls, live music, and activities that embody the town’s communal warmth and festive spirit.


The culinary scene in Ramsey is as diverse as it is exquisite, with top restaurants like Café Panache offering gourmet American cuisine, Varka Estiatorio serving up delectable Mediterranean dishes, and Kinchley’s Tavern, renowned for its thin-crust pizza. Families are drawn to Ramsey for its safe neighborhoods, excellent public schools like Ramsey High School, known for its high academic standards and strong student-teacher ratio, and private institutions such as Don Bosco Prep that provide quality education. Outdoor enthusiasts revel in the beauty of the Ramsey Golf & Country Club and Finch Park, which offer sprawling green spaces, sports facilities, and walking trails. For fun with kids or teens, the Interstate Shopping Center hosts various family-friendly events and movie nights, while the Ramsey Municipal Pool offers a refreshing retreat in the summers.

Live Edge Wood Furniture Available Near Ramsey, NJ

At Del Turco Woodworks, live edge woodworking transcends mere service—it embodies a fervent passion born from a lifetime’s dedication to craftsmanship. Dive into the boundless opportunities at Del Turco Woodworks. From grand dining tables and tranquil coffee tables to enchanting live edge wooden benches, let your imagination soar as Doug transforms your vision into tangible beauty. Immerse yourself in the natural elegance of custom live edge wood furniture pieces in your home.

Eager to elevate your space with unparalleled live edge tables, benches, and desks? Reach out to Doug for a personalized consultation and begin your adventure to infuse your environment with the sublime charm of the natural world. Call (201) 744-3597 now and discover how Doug can tailor a live edge creation that mirrors your distinct taste and the incomparable splendor of nature.


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